Diesel : 1.549 €/L (02/’13)



Diesel: 1.439 €/L (02/’13)



Diesel : 9.80 kuna/L (02/’13)



Diesel: 152,90 Din/L (02/’13)



Diesel: 2,57 sl/L (02/’13)

Alcohol is very cheap here.

If you enter Bulgaria you have to buy a vignette, they won’t tell you that as it’s easier to fine a tourist than explain it to them. If you just enter Bulgaria you see on the side of the road a sign with ‘Vignet’. If you don’t buy it on the border you can still buy it in every big gas station (such as Shell).



Diesel: 3, 87 – 4.11 tl/L (02/’13)

On the road

On the highway you will see big green boards who says ‘OGS’ ‘HGS4. You will see somet automatic checkpoints, you can buy an electric card and load money on it. With this you can pay on the checkpoints. At the moment we were on the road, we had no idea what it was and couldn’t ask anyone as there was no-one on the checkpoints. So we just drove through the checkpoints without paying, once an alarm went off… We still didn’t get a fine J. No idea if we would be able to enter Turkey again with our car…



There is a big shopping mall ‘Primemall’, where you can find everything.

Taking local busses (white) cost 2TL to go through the town

Ferry Turkey - Egypt

You need to book it at ‘Remon Travel’, the only agency who does it in Iskenderun. We didn't book up front, we just went to the agency and took the first boat.

Phone : +90 326 614 1012 



Adress: Mare?al Çakmak Cad, ?skenderun, Hatay

Price: 550 USD per car (<5m)

          180 USD per person 

Our boat would normally go at Saturday, but because of the weather and problems at the port, we were only able to leave  on Tuesday. If you’re in a hurry, best check by e-mailing them or giving them a call. There is a lady who speaks fairly good English.


The day of leaving

9.30am- 10.40am : Agency (just waiting)

11am : Arrive at Port, taking passports, men and woman passport goes with different person

2pm : Eef got passport back

2.30pm: Man comes to check luggage in car and take car papers to go and make papers for the car

3.30pm: Dries got passport back

5pm: Papers car back

5.30pm: Driving car on boat

8.30pm: Boat leaves port

When you come on the boat, you have to go to the reception to give your passport, they keep it till you arrive in Egypt to arrange your visa. (no-one told us that).

The boat is very nice, you get a lot of good food and free tea and water on the first deck. Only toilets get a bit wet as usual in Sudan.

The next day we arrived at 6.45 pm at the port in Port Said (25.15hours on the boat)