The port


Boat arrives at port

 Go downstairs to drive car off boat, fixer ‘Eslam’ will be waiting for  you

Return to get passport back (Visa: €20pp, was cheaper for us   because we payed in euro’s)


Able to leave boat again

Getting luggage in car checked

Go and park car in secured parking space (as it’s already late, they only start the next day with the papers for the car.



Finally leaving the port (without the car)!

Our fixer asked  the car keys, he said he needed them to start already with the papers. We were very tired, as he kept on going about the car keys we gave it. Nothing got stolen, but if we would be there again, we won’t give him the car keys again.


The fixer = Eslam

You need a fixer for this, I don’t think you would be able to do this by yourself as only a few people speaks English in the port and Eslam pays a lot under the table to get the car faster out the port (still 3-4days). If you try to do it yourself, no idea how long it would take you…

You best contact him by e-mail before you arrive in the port to ask the price. You better also send him pictures of the car, inside and outside as he ended up charging us more because we build a cupboard in our car…

He replies very well to e-mails, but when you call him he doesn’t answer his phone from the first time, communication with him is bit difficult. Be also sure he’ll be always late.

E-mail :

Phone number: 01289220002



3000EL for him

770EL delivery order from agent to customs

50EL: Customs clearance, for this you have to go the police station, make sure you bring copies from your passport. It’s a bit a hassle, but as you have to wait to get the car out of the port anyway, you have the time to figure it out yourself. You pay this 50EL in the police station.

We also had to pay an extra 200EL for the parking as our car had to stay longer than expected.

Normally it takes only 3-4 days to get the car out of the port, but as there were protest going on at the time we were there, we had to wait 7 days.


The country

Diesel : 0,9 – 1,1 EL/L

Diesel  is very cheap in the North, the more to the South it gets bit more expensive and very hard to find! Top up wherever you can! We once had to wait a whole day for Diesel and we had to “fight” to get some!

Food is very cheap, you can eat and drink for less than 12USD for 2 persons.

No wild camping! In the south we slept twice next to a police station and got an escort for a while as they want to have their tourists save.


On the road

Good roads

Sometimes you have a checkpoint where you get a ticket, a few kilometers further you have another checkpoint where you have to give the ticket and pay. Only 1 or 2 EL per person. We had this 3 times.


Nice places to see

Wadi Rayan protected area 

You can see waterfalls in the dessert (only ones in Egypt)Wadi El Hitan, the valley of the whales (used to be an ocean ages ago): here you can see skeletons of whales and in the sand you can find seashells. 40EL to see the whales skeletons, nice walk, make sure you bring water and something for your head! Camping 80EL per person, you have to camp a bit further than the office in the dessert, no-toilet there, but you can walk back to the office to use the toilet if you want to. Very fancy and nice toilets! Tourist groups come here to spend a night during their tour. You won’t hear them as they’re far enough away from you. 5EL for the car