Lake Turkana

We recommend teaming up with at least one other car before you start your trip through Lake Turkana, as most of the time there is nothing around.

Make sure you take enough water an fuel as it’s hard to get on your way.

The time indication we give is the time actually driving (without breaks).


Day 1 Jinka – Tumi Distance:90km Time:2u30

Today we drove the last 20km on tarmac to than get on a gravel road


In Tumi you can stay at Mango Campsite

N 04°58.570

E 036° 30.945’

They have a waterpump here, so the last time you can fill up water.

If you’re in the right season you can enjoy ‘bulljumping’ just across the campsite.


Day 2 Tumi – Bushcamp Distance:154km Time:3u10

On your way you have to stop in Omorate at the immigration office to get ‘OUT’ stamps in your visa and your carnet. We had the problem that in our carnet they filled in the wrong ‘out-city’, so make sure you keep an eye on it when entering Kenya. (Otherwise just be very friendly, talk about their family and put on your nicest smile).

This is also the last town where you can purchase a few things and change your last money!

Coordinates Omorate Immigration

N 04° 48.336’

E 036° 03.066’


From Omorate to the border with Kenya is only 30 minutes, but a very bad road.

The boarder Ethiopia-Kenya is only visibale on your navigator, no visa controls or anything here, visa and carnet you have to do when you arrive in Nairobi.


Day 3 Bushcamp – end Sibial National Park Distance:114km Time:5u

The way starts with a steady sandy road where you can drive 30-40km/h and it goes over to a gravel road where you can drive around 30km/h.

On your way you will also pass a few dry river beds (time for your 4x4!)

On the way you also pass a little oasis, palm trees and water in the middle of the dessert, worth a stop we thought.

We tried to drive around Sibial National Park to avoid the fees, but the borders where recently changed, we tried to make our way out, but we couldn’t find one so we ended up paying $20 per person.


Day 4 Bushcamp – Loiangolani

The road changes a lot some parts you can drive somewhere between 30 and 50km/h with a few steep riverbeds on the way.

You will also see for the first time the beautiful lake Turkana.


Palm Shade Camp

This is the first real camping again, with a shower, shade and beer!

(there are a few more around, but we found this one the best one)


Camping 500ksh pp

Eten 400ksh

Soda 100Ksh

Beer 200ksh


Day 5 Loiangolani

We stay an extra day at the camping to rest and check our cars


Day 6 Loiangolani – South Horr

Very bad road on the way where you have to drive 25-30km/h

Samburu Sport Center Guesthouse


Day 7 South Horr – Maralal Distance: 144km

Maralal is the first town where you find shops again and also an ATM.


Safari Lodge

Has a nice grass field a bit further than the lodges, the zebra’s will come and join you J

We got a lodge to take a shower in, nice hot shower


Camping 500ksh pp

Beer 250ksh

Soda 65ksh

Eten 400-600ksh


Day 8 Maralal

We take again a rest day


Day9 Maralal – Thompson Falls

Very bad road! We asked the locals how long it would take us and they said ‘normally 3hours, but with your car 2hours’, it took us 5 hours to reach!

The last 42km there are suddenly bumps on the way who aren’t very visible, so watch out.

Thompson Fall Lodge


Camping 800ksh pp

Food 480-650ksh

Beer 180ksh

Soda 65ksh


Day 10 Thompson Falls – Nairobi

There are again those dangerous not visible bumps on the way, so don’t drive too fast and keep an eye on them.

Traffic in Nairobi is very busy, try avoid to drive between in the morning and the evening as the there is so much traffic that you can hardly drive.  Saturday is more quiet, but Sunday is the best time to drive.


Places to stay

Upper Hill backpackers:  camping 600ks pp, soda 70ksh, beer 200ksh

You can open up your tent on some in the back of the compound where 2 big touring trucks where standing when we were around. Not a nice camping spot.


Car help

CMC (Commercial Motor Spares)

Here you can find real brand parts, we got some parts for our Toyota here

13 Dunga Rd /10 Bandan Rd

+254 020552545

+254 728866688

S 01° 18.250’

E 036° 49.941


Car mechanic Joe

We had a problem with our car and we had an amazing car mechanic helping us out.

Joe is the manager and you can reach him on (let me find his nr J )


S 01° 19.149’

E 036°50.799’

Lake Nawasha

Places to stay

Fisherman’s Camp

Don’t confuse it with Fisher Camp!

It’s also a nice spot, but it’s more expensive and not on the lake.

Fisherman’s Camp is just next to lake Nawasha, located in the woods.

An awesome nice and quiet place with one of the best hot(!) showers we had on our trip.

Price: 500pp


S 00° 49.548’

E 036°20.95



Places to stay

Lakewod hotel

Doesn’t really have a garden to camp, but it’s the only reasonable priced place we could find around the area. The last 5 minutes is on a very bad road and it looks as you’re driving out of town, but don’t give up J. We could stay in front of the hotel on their courtyard and as there was no-one else in the hotel it was really nice. The staff was also very friendly! (it was raining very heavily and they offered us to stay in a room on the same price as we were paying to stay in the tent)


Camping 500ksh

Soda 60ksh

Beer 160ksh

Food 250-600ksh (we recommend the tilapia as it comes straight out Lake Victoria)


S 00° 07.972’

E 034° 44.736